What is PRI and Why is it important to us at GRIT?

PRI stands for Postural Restoration Institute. 

The institute aims to educate on the science of proper neutral positioning, how breathing affects our posture and injury treatment and prevention. The exercise prescription aims to maximize neutrality in the body through manual and non-manual exercise techniques designed to reposition, retrain, and restore these bad asymmetrical patterns in our body. You have seen this in the form of our new breathing and bracing exercises and cues. 

In a strength and conditioning setting, proper positioning is everything! When we load our spine, we need to do so in a neutral position, where every rib, muscle and bone is in it's place. This allows us to lift safer, engaging the proper muscle groups, makes us stronger and ensures longevity in our athletic and life endeavors. 

We will be incorporating the basic concepts from PRI in our warmups during this cycle and in a lot of our cueing during the squat, press, pull-up and cleans.  These new exercises and cues are intended to expand our understanding of HOW to breathe properly and HOW to brace properly.  

It's great, new material that will take some time to fully integrate in our normal patterning and movement.  Be patient!  It's just like everything else:  practice, practice, practice.  

Our goal is to keep all of you moving and lifting more safely for the long haul!  Have a question about it?  Ask a coach!