Research Indicates Yoga Increases Squat Max By 200 Pounds

You like that, huh?  Us too!  Although there's actually NO study that directly proves this (sorry...we DID chuckle at that gratuitous title,) we DO know the direct benefits of the practice of yoga on a hard working lifter's body.  And, who knows, maybe yoga DOES increase your squat max by 200 lbs.  How exciting would THAT be? 

Some of you are already convinced, as you've experienced yoga for yourselves and KNOW.  Some of you are on the fence about it.  Some of you PERCEIVE that you don't like it.  And some of you flat out don't like it.  Well, whatever camp you find yourself in, we invite you to TRY and experience our GRIT style of yoga for yourselves.   Every Sunday morning at 10AM, taught by former pro baseball player turned yogi, Brian Henderson. 

You might ask, "WHY is yoga important?"  Here's a response from Brian himself:

"Our physically intense training during the week causes muscle fibers to break down and demands our joints to support weight at different angles as we move our bodies through space under load.  Tendons and ligaments keep these joints together and that over time are subject to wear and tear.  As you test your body and push it to its limits, you must also listen to it.  Yoga puts the focus on the relationship between you and your body.  It allows the smaller muscles, joints and ligaments to be highlighted, building stability and strength throughout a full range of movement. 
Yoga will improve your athletic performance and protect you from injury.  How?  By coordinating properly aligned movement with breathing.  It's that simple!  Your body will open up and reduce the stiffness of the joints and muscles. Yoga is not only great for stretching and restoring range of motion, but it is also great for stress relief and mental relaxation.
Each yoga class is designed to leave you with a renewed state of mind and body.  Renewing the mind and body weekly can allow you to create more space for gains.  Reset, restore, renew.  No matter how your day goes, yoga gets you feeling a lot more relaxed.  The more relaxed and aligned your body is, the better you perform in the gym and in life."