Balance noun \ bal·ance \ˈba-lən(t)s\

noun \ bal·ance \ˈba-lən(t)s\

  1. a means of judging or deciding
  2. equipoise between contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements
  3. mental and emotional steadiness

My personal health has been a tumultuous journey, and my personality has never allowed me to balance a healthy lifestyle. From one physical extreme to another, through personal highs and lows, I have always struggled with pacing in my life. Whether it was the constant battle with my weight, coping with professional issues, or generously imbibing in post shift stress relief, my ability to maintain any mental, spiritual, or physical clarity was severely lacking.

When I began GRIT (with a generous recommendation from longtime friends, the Ricks family) I was searching for an outlet to teach me how to sustain a newfound clarity. A clarity that had begun when I realized that I was losing sight of the most important areas in my life. A clarity that had come about after learning that, at 100 lbs overweight, I had type 2 diabetes. A realization that, when I departed from my inpatient rehab facility, I needed to focus on rebuilding myself- my health, my spirituality, and my mental wellness. After leaving my lifetime comforts of cigarettes, fast food, and alcohol, I had a new energy to satiate, but also longed for balance. 

GRIT began to teach me that pacing meant so much more than a physical cadence, that pacing was a coping mechanism both inside and out of the gym. A way to take on your day to day and deal with each situation, one rep at a time, and to pace your way into the next round.
I am grateful to have a found training ground, not only for my physical body, and strength, but for my mental equilibrium, as well as my spiritual fulfillment. 

-Philip Speer