Cristina Rodgers

From April of 2014 to June of 2015, I lost 65lbs and my body fat went from 34.5% to 14%. I changed my diet from pizza lunchables and Taco Bell to eating real foods and Taco Bell....sometimes. 

Initially I was too fat to do cardio so a bodybuilder friend suggested I lift weights and I fell in love with that.  And then like every other bone head I went to Crossfit and got straight to work injuring my hip and back. 

My manager at Lululemon invited me to my first GRIT class and I immediately was hooked. I loved the assortment of people, lots of smiles and encouragement and the very non-intimidating environment. 

Coach Steph is one-of-a-kind and the programming allows me to reach my individual goals in a class setting where Crossfit didn't. My goal has been to put on muscle mass and make those gains and at Crossfit I was burning too many calories while doing fully exhaustive workouts every class, getting skinny, and really wearing my body out. 

At GRIT I can lift heavy and know to eat enough food before and after to recover. I love the mobility classes, they feel like such a treat. I appreciate endurance and work cap efforts because I can feel that they make me a better, more well rounded athlete. 

For the first time in my life I'm hitting my body goals. I'm building dense lean mass, my body feels strong, I have energy, and I have no pain!

I think the most important thing I've learned at GRIT has been to pace myself.  "Leave a few reps in the tank" as Coach says because I'm not trying to win any fitness competitions.  I train at GRIT because I want to be an athlete for longevity. 

That's my #GRITstory.

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Lindsay Berg

I recently had a conversation with Coach Twohey that illuminated the distinction between working out and training. The difference is that training toughens you. It teaches you discipline, mental fortitude, character, and humility. It shows you that when life feels chaotic and overwhelming, training is there to offer stability and consistency.

Training teaches you to show up and do the work even when your best efforts leave you last in the pack. It teaches you to respect and celebrate your fellow athletes, to be honest with your reps, to have integrity in the hard work. GRIT has given me the gift of believing in my capabilities, to go one step further when it’s asked of me because I can.