The gym has always been my happy/feel good place.

The gym has always been my happy/feel good place.  The place where I trusted my body the most and pushed it to its limits.  A year ago a random illnesses yanked my feet out from under me....literally!  My happy place was gone, my trust in my body gone.  I spent a good six months lost. Shawn told me over and over ...."go talk to Steph", but getting over myself and accepting the lack of my former abilities was a really tough pill for me to swallow. 

One day he came home and said "I made you an appointment with Steph Tuesday 9:30, I'm driving".  I walked into GRIT scared to death which quickly turned into pure terror when I read the three 20min AMRAP's on the board.  I survived and came out of that class with the first piece of my "old" self back. 

Every person that I have come in contact with at GRIT has supported me, pushed me and celebrated with me!  Each class pushes me to believe in myself again and I trust my body more everyday!  Steph there are no words for what you, your coaching, and your gym is giving back to me...


Bria Cirkiel