I had never lifted weights before, but wanted to try something new...

The word someone used to describe Steph, before I met her, was 'dynamic' and it is spot on. I had never lifted weights before, but wanted to try something new and was longing for a coach I felt inspired by. Found both.

I'm a numbers person, so I have loved the challenge of adding weight, of tracking progress, of pushing myself to add 5 more pounds, 5 more pounds...Every day I go to the gym, I am a stronger person, in body, mind & spirit. It has given me confidence in myself, that I can push the boundaries in more areas of my life (and let’s be real here, lifting heavy shit can be scary). I am a caterer by day (& night...& weekend) and the strength I'm adding actually makes me more FUNctional at work. Lifting kegs at work is not a chore anymore, but something I see as a challenge and a way to focus on form. And I now know HOW to lift one!

I've worked out with other groups or in class style formats, but never have I been in a group (or at a gym) with so many wonderful, friendly people. There is constant encouragement & support, crucial to a newcomer like me. I've never felt weak, intimidated or like I wasn't one of the group; everyone is cheering on my growth and they notice my hard work & improvements. The joyful, selfless folks who work out at GRIT are a testament to how DYNAMIC Steph is.

Brooke Greer