GRIT helped me blast through my fitness plateau.

Like many people who lose a significant amount of weight, I made physical fitness a priority. I changed my diet. I learned how to exercise (I thought). I made great progress, until I hit a plateau. Nothing was working anymore. I was putting tons of work, but I wasn’t feeling any fitter.

I wanted to educate myself about overcoming this plateau. I talked with Coach Steph and decided to give GRIT a try. From my first day in the gym, I was called and was considered an athlete. No one had ever called me that before. Steph and the other athletes embrace and push everyone who walks through the door to reach their best. It is a great feeling. There is no shaming, no anxiety about not being able to do certain things. There is only positivity for and among the athletes.

Through GRIT, I've learned that strength and conditioning is more than pushing your physical fitness. It is mental and emotional process too. GRIT helped me blast through my fitness plateau. Steph teaches you how and why your body and brain react to different exercises. I feel like I am getting a master class in fitness every time I walk in the gym. The workouts are intense and challenging. They build confidence. They are hard. But at the end of every session, I feel physically and mentally stronger.

John Wright