My view of a gym has been completely flipped upside down.

I grew up playing team sports and not having that in my life as an adult was a tough reality to face in a lot of ways. I have also always viewed training and working out as something that you did by yourself or maybe 1-on-1, but never something that was anything like a team sport, which I think was a big reason why I never really had much interest in it. My attempts to “go to the gym” were always uninspired and fruitless. I even signed a 2-year contract at Gold’s Gym thinking that would get me to go. I went twice in 2 years…1 to sign up and 1 to quit once my contract was up. I had no one pushing me and I had no idea how to push myself in that environment.

My view of a gym has been completely flipped upside down. All of a sudden I am surrounded by incredible people who didn’t fit into my view of “workout people.” I found myself side by side with folks whose overriding commonality was being a bunch of fun-loving badasses. I honestly never thought I would make friends in a gym, but GRIT is now my community…and that’s what I love about it. It’s a team of amazing individuals pushing each other to be better, stronger, more mentally tough. Just when I feel like calling it quits because there’s nothing left in my lungs or legs, there’s ALWAYS someone there with that shout of encouragement I need to push through to the finish. Having those teammates in my life again is why GRIT is so important to me. It makes me feel like an athlete again. Working out isn’t a chore anymore. It’s a privilege.

This community starts at the top with Steph. She’s an incredible motivator and the reason why the gym is the kind of community that it is. She has created a welcoming environment that pushes us all to be the best versions of ourselves when we walk through the doors of GRIT. There is no hiding in the shadows at GRIT. Steph is so in-tune with her athletes and her coaching style is as inviting as it is passionate. She clearly loves what she does and she’s the best I’ve seen at it. But then again, I think Steph could be teaching/coaching anything and we would all follow her lead, she’s that inspiring.