Training is Reshaping the Way I Perceive and Handle Hardship

Tire drag, sled push, sandbags, weighted vests, atlas stones, Olympic lifting, kettle bells, keg lifts, pull-ups, rope climbing. These things became a part of my life shortly after my 40th birthday. Before then, I did not know my body could be this strong and endure so much. I did not know I had the discipline to stay “workman-like” and press through uncomfortable situations.

Training has taught me this about myself, and it has become so much more than something I do to stay fit. Training is reshaping the way I perceive and handle hardship outside the gym. Within myself, I have to source grit, integrity, discipline, patience — even self-compassion and humility. This month, I celebrated my 45th — a birthday my late mother never reached. I welcome the sweat in my eyes and the fire in my lungs, because it reminds me that I’m healthy and living my own story. I’m not the strongest nor the fastest, but I’m giving it my best shot — and that’s exactly how I want to live my life.

Katie Ford