Finding strength and conditioning training changed me...

Being active and playing sports was a large part of my up bringing and into my early adult life...although I never truly felt like I was a athlete.

When I reached my early 20's I started to bartend as a full time job, which became my life in every way. Almost everyday I was behind a bar working, if not in a bar drinking.

In my early 30's my life changed, what felt like, overnight. My wife Vickie and I had just opened our first bar in Austin and had our first son on the way. After Griffin's second birthday I realized I needed to change my habits and my health. I did not want to be that father that was too tired or unable to keep up with his kids.

Finding strength and conditioning training changed me and challenged me in ways I did not think possible. It has become part of my life that I can not live without.

You find out very quickly what you are made of when you test yourself. Under a bar with a heavy load, doing sandbag get ups, and sprinting until your chest is on fire are all thing I look forward to now. Those tests that make me question getting out of bed sometimes in the morning have made me a better husband, father, friend, entrepreneur and athlete.

Oh, and I really, really like to lift heavy shit.

KC Ricks