Finally feel that I am where I belong.

I grew up playing softball. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a part of a team and had a “structured” workout schedule. Especially playing softball at the collegiate level, my work outs were always planned and I was always held accountable by my teammates and coaches. When that ended, I felt lost. In a feeble attempt to continue to work out, I joined countless boot camps and finally CrossFit. While at times I was pushed to my limits with CrossFit, I wanted to train with a purpose and push even further. I was lucky enough to find Coach Steph at Atomic Athlete a couple of years ago, fell in the love with the programming and style of training and never looked back.

Training at GRIT has made me finally feel that I am where I belong. I am privileged enough to train next to bad-asses 4x a week. Being lucky enough to train next to people who are liked minded and willing to leave it all out on the floor is an amazing feeling. These people have become my teammates and it makes me feel like an athlete again. In addition to the camaraderie I feel, having a coach who is knowledgeable, driven and passionate about her job has allowed me to progress as an athlete. I attribute all of my successes and milestones in the gym not only to myself, but to Coach Steph. Proper coaching sets you up for success. She makes me want to push for that last rep, sprint to the finish and never give up.

Training in an environment like GRIT has allowed me to better myself and be prepared for whatever curve balls the world may throw me. It’s taught me that even when you’re on the ground, exhausted, unsure if you can get up for the next round… you always can.

Everyone is on their own fitness journey....mine is one step at a time.

Meg Sullivan