GRIT: It’s f*cking awesome.

While searching for an alternative to CrossFit, a friend told me to check out this "badass gym," GRIT. So, I emailed Coach Steph to observe a workout. I still have her reply: “Yes, you are welcome to come bout just jumping in to the session??” It’s not my natural state to jump right in…to anything. Instead, I approach slowly, from all angles, conducting exhaustive research, until sometimes – too often – the opportunity gets buried. That’s one of the many things I truly appreciate about GRIT and Coach Steph. GRIT programming and its people encourage me to the get to it, get dirty, and to just get IN IT.

I think that first session involved sandbag getups. Wait, that’s not quite right. It involved A LOT of SBGUs. After the first round I was hooked. My head was screaming, “YAAAAS! This is hard. This is awkward. And, this is FUN! Now, show me how to hoist up a keg!”

I value challenging workouts because I need them be in good physical shape and in a healthy headspace. Until GRIT, I used to use killer WODs as a means to check out, as mental retreats. Now, I am much more present, positive, and patient during workouts – whether it be during the 230th step-up or very first squat. This shift is not just relegated to the gym. It has seeped into all the other spheres of my life. One of the very best things about GRIT is that the mental training rewires how I engage with suffering.

Another very best thing about GRIT is its people. Everyone I’ve met at this gym has been encouraging, respectful, and has come with their own unique brand of badassery.

GRIT: It’s f*cking awesome.

Michelle Wolfe