Why do I train at GRIT?

It's about…

getting stronger,
walking taller,
finding purpose (especially for these thighs),
playing with toys (barbells + dumbbells + tires + sandbags = fun),
becoming a better version of me,
shedding decades-old baggage,
having a patient and talented Coach who saw the potential before I did, 
shoving away pain,
setting a positive example for my kids,
being a part of a supportive and inspiring team of people,
not living by someone else’s standards or expectations of what I’m supposed to be able to do, 
feeling the excitement to see where the journey leads,
beating away the typical to embrace the extraordinary,
transitioning from “middle-aged mom” to “middle-aged mom who can kick your ass,”
looking at a long list of grueling tasks without flinching,

but most of all it's about…


Mitra Madani