I look forward to my training days at GRIT for so many reasons...

I look forward to my training days at GRIT for so many reasons (too many to cite!); the most consistent reason is undoubtedly for the mental aspect of what this level of training does for me. The gym is a such a humbling place. Every session is hard. It’s supposed to be hard, and sometimes it’s unbearably hard and SO out of my comfort zone.

Each day is an opportunity (some days are harder than others!) to control the rhetoric in my head, to tell the voice that tells me to quit, that this HURTS, ohmygodithurts, just QUIT!, that "I’ll never make it through 6 rounds and 33 more minutes of this", to ‘Shut the f*&K up’ and Just. Keep. Moving.

This consistency and repetition - the day in, day out of putting in the work, combined with Steph’s purposeful training and a group of people I am so honored to call friends and training partners, has made me better outside the gym, specifically in regards to goals, perseverance and a workman-like attitude.

I’m closer to 40 than 30, but I can honestly say I was never this strong at 30. Or 25.

I’m grateful every day that the training is hard. It’s supposed to be.

Rita Marroquin