Training at GRIT has meant so many different things to me...

Training at GRIT has meant so many different things to me, both mental and emotional, as well as physical of course. The purpose for me when it comes to working out has always been a physical motivation. But as one enters into the GRIT environment, it quickly becomes so much more. Not only has my physical changed, but I'm emotionally and mentally stronger.

This program gives me the back up to know, whenever there's an ounce of doubt, that I can over come IT. Whatever IT is. I have the confidence to fall back on myself. Its taken the role that anything is possible if I have the right mind set. I doesn't give me super natural powers but by taking steps, one step in front of another, I can achieve what I set my mind to.

This goes for the hardest of workouts, where I want to beat my last time in speed, or for my life situations where I feel I have to better communicate my point in business, relationships, etc. I'm strong. I'm aware. I'm confident in my ability or capabilities. Its changed me to not always want to try, but to always want to make better, not perfect.

Training in the gym has been great for the social aspect to. I hold myself accountable to my peers. I want to see them day in and day out to support and encourage one another, and because it feels good. A smile goes a long way, they say. None of this comes disingenuously, and I didn't have to work at feeling this way, about the group, workouts, the gym, its very organic and unplanned for me. It didn't all sink in at once either. I just knew from the start, is wasn't easy, and it was good for me so come hell or high water, challenge accepted; I was going to do this.

And here I am. And it feels so good.

Salma Manzur