Everybody got choices...

“Here's to taking the year to call it off
To whatever it is that you've become” 
Cheers, Blake Mills

"Trained to go (yup)
Your team weak? (nope)…
…Everybody got choices”
Choices (yup), E-40

I’d like to raise my glass to GRIT for being a part of my return to myself after a rough few years. While I can’t quite take the year to call off whatever it is that I’ve become, I’ve decided to invest my time at GRIT. GRIT is a place where I come to participate in pure programming which helps me to elevate my personal game, including my quest for mental and physical fitness.

In addition to being a PLACE, the GRIT community is one comprised of like-minded individuals who are engaged, eager to learn and “trained to go”. It is a gift to hang out with and train alongside this team, including the ever-magnetic Steph Twohey. Coach Steph offers patient, insightful guidance through the lens of accuracy in form with a filter of humor. In the words of E-40, “Everybody got choices”, and GRIT is mine.


Sara Stevens