Based on GRIT's philosophy of training, the Women's Program empowers female athletes through camaraderie: sharing and supporting each other through the hard work, the sweat, the soul-satisfying accomplishment, the progress and the FUN that comes from training at GRIT. 

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We believe that women are POWERFUL. 

We believe that TOGETHER, women are an incredible force to be reckoned with.  

We believe that EVERY woman, no matter what size or amount of athletic experience, has the extraordinary POTENTIAL to become her strongest, most mentally fit, most confident version of herself through training in the gym.  

We believe that women who are AUTHENTIC with each other in their strengths and weaknesses, who break down perceptions to discover each other's TRUE stories, who celebrate each other's uniqueness instead of compare out of fear, who choose to LOVE and value no matter how different, create a SAFE, beautiful, dynamic community where everyone is FREE to be themselves and to THRIVE in their effort and growth.

We believe that through pushing physical and mental boundaries in the gym, under watchful coaching eyes and through smart programming, women DISCOVER a potential in themselves they never knew existed.  

We believe that the STRENGTH and MENTAL GRIT cultivated in the gym transfers to the outside world, where real life happens, where the true transformation takes place, where this strength really matters:  in marriage, relationships, work, personal-emotional journeys and every other area of life. 

We believe that the valuable work we do in the gym raises our capacity for greater COURAGE, greater integrity, greater inspiration and greater ABUNDANCE in life. 

Who can participate in this program?  ANY woman who is willing to work hard and have a good attitude.  It does not matter what your background is or how experienced you are.  We have brand new athletes training next to elite level athletes, each scaled relative to what they're capable of, each working with the same amount of effort and each progressing on their own paths.