Registration for 2018 GRIT Youth Summer Camps Coming in February 2018!


“At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that we train inside the gym to cultivate the character, strength and grit required to thrive in our lives outside the gym, whether it’s our sport, profession or personal life.”

We believe that this essential GRIT philosophy applies to young people just as much as it applies to adults.  Over the last several years, research studies have strongly suggested the quality of grit as a leading indicator for success in people’s lives.  Can this be taught?  ABSOLUTELY YES. 

We witness empowering transformation in our athlete’s lives everyday because of the training we do here in the gym and the values that are cultivated from the hard work.  Values such as work ethic, discipline, tenacity, teamwork, integrity, courage, passion and positive conscious mindset raise the QUALITY of our lives on all levels, from home to work to school to relationships.


Our vision for GRIT Youth Camp is to introduce young athletes to these values, through physical training, mental fitness training, education and thoughtful coaching. We heartily believe that time in the gym can lay a very strong foundation, physically, emotionally and psychologically, for kids to experience greater success in their present and future lives. 

Getting STRONG gifts kids SO MUCH confidence as they walk through their world everyday.  It helps to cultivate greater positive self image, self love and appreciation.   It helps cultivate durability.  It helps cultivate greater understanding of themselves.  This strength, in turn, enables young people to THRIVE in their lives.

What if we had all been introduced to this kind of world when we were kids?  A place where you were celebrated for just being YOU.  A place where safety, strength, courage and joy were celebrated in hard work.  What if we had been invested in by strong coaches who cared and helped us learn how to have grit in our lives?  What if we had been taught greater self-confidence, self-love and self-knowledge when we were so young and faced with the great challenges from the world?

We believe we will affect soulful change in young people’s lives by creating this experience at GRIT.  We would love to invest in your young ones in this way.

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The majority of our time will be Strength and Conditioning education and training.  These young athletes will learn the proper technique of Functional Movements such as squatting, pushups, pullups, pressing, running, jumping, etc.  They will get the 101 on Gym Equipment and Etiquette.  They will learn basic Strongman rules regarding picking up and carrying awkward loads such as tires, atlas stones, kegs, kettlebells, sandbags, weighted vests, etc.   They will learn how to climb a rope.  They will sprint.  They will practice teamwork by accomplishing tasks with their comrades. They will work hard and sweat and be pushed, safely and thoughtfully, under our coaches’ care. 

During this time, our young athletes will be taught specific mental fitness tools to use in order to handle and thrive in the hard work.  These are tools that they will use in the gym and will transfer into their sport and any other area in their lives that challenges them.

Because we believe that health and strength encompasses more than just physical training, we will also include the component of Yoga and Meditation training and Nutrition education.  We will announce the local yoga instructors and nutritionists who will be guest teaching for us as we get closer to camp dates. 

We will be collaborating with local, healthy ATX eateries to bring in some whole snacking goodness for the athletes.

We are VERY excited to host guest speakers from our dynamic ATX fitness community!  These leaders in the fitness industry all have amazing stories to tell about their lives and will be passing on encouraging counsel and guidance to our young athletes about LIFE and PASSION and WELLNESS and JOY and FRIENDSHIP and LOVE.   We will have 1-2 per camp week and will announce who they are as we get closer to July.

At the end of their week with us, our #gritnuggets will take home a packet of information covering what they learned in camp, instruction on how to set up their own home gym, basic nutrition guidelines that they can follow on their own and a list of resources with companies, websites and people who can support the continuing education of their training.

They will also receive a #gritnugget shirt and some other gifts from us to take home, enjoy and remember their time here at GRIT.


To be announced.


The cost for for week per athlete is $249.  


Any young person who is WILLING TO WORK HARD AND HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE.  It is NOT a pre-requisite to have any experience in athletics to participate.  We honor all athletic capacities, body types and backgrounds here at GRIT.  We are more interested in an athlete’s effort in the gym than where an athlete has come from.


YES, as we need to for the physical training portion of our day.  We will have an average of 4 coaches on the floor to help facilitate the whole group.  We will also have volunteers from our adult athletes who want to participate and invest time into our young athletes.